Run Your Own Race

Can I let you in on a little secret? One little idea that has changed how I think, act and interact with the world. One that I remind myself about when I’m training, competing or just trying to get better inside and outside the gym. One little thought that I think will also change you.

The secret is this: there is no right way.

There is no one single right way to do anything. There is no set timeline to do it. There is no universal goal to achieve. You are not ahead of or behind anyone else.

There is just you, your goals, and your path to achieving those goals. It’s your journey. Whatever shape that journey takes is entirely up to you. All forward progress is progress if it is towards something that YOU want to achieve.

The progress of others does not matter. How anyone else is doing relative to you does not matter. Training is not win-lose or zero sum. For you to get better, someone else doesn’t need to get worse. What matters is whether you are doing what you can to keep improving to the best of your ability.

How freeing is that???!

Train hard. Recover harder. And stay focused on YOUR goals – they are the ones that matter to YOU.

The 24/7 Athlete Mindset

Everyone has the same 24 hours every day – 1440 minutes in which you can do just about anything. And what you do during that time can have a huge impact on your athletic performance, both positive and negative.

As a developing athlete, you are rightly concerned about getting in your training time. Of course, you need to be training to practice your skills! However, time spent training will likely take up a smaller portion of your overall weekly time than you think. A full-time job, school, commuting places, sleep, cooking, shopping, kids, home responsibilities, perusing the internet … all of these activities take up pieces of your time and not all are negotiable.

The solution? Develop your 24/7 athlete mindset – that everything I do, every choice I make for the next 24 hours is going to help me become a better athlete. Whether that means shutting off the phone to get to bed 15 minutes earlier, organizing your work life so that you can leave on time to get to training, meal planning on the weekend to make dinner simple, making the better nutrition choice – each piece builds towards being a better athlete. Training quality also matters more than training quantity – so make your hours in the gym COUNT!

Take a look at your own weekly schedule! Where can you be a better athlete, inside and outside of the gym?